Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Review

Chance of a Ghost
By E.J. Cooperman
E.J. Cooperman is yet again entertaining readers with a tale of ghostly investigations. Alison Kerby is an owner of a guesthouse. But not all her guests are alive or even guests. She has two resident ghosts, Maxie and Paul, who mostly annoy her.

Besides running a guesthouse, Alison also acts as a private investigator. Maxie—who’s great with research—and Paul—an investigator when he was alive—jump in and aid with her cases.

Alison has two guests this time around, and they don’t know about Maxie and Paul and Alison has a tough time keeping her resident non-humans a secret. Her mother has a secret and Alison has to find out what it is. But when she does, she almost wishes she was kept in the dark.

Her father comes every Tuesday to visit her mother. No, they’re not divorced. Her father died five years ago. What makes Alison angry is the fact that her father has not come to visit her or her daughter Melissa. But her ghostly father goes missing before she can confront him and in his place appears Laurence Laurentz, who insists he was murdered and wants Alison to find out who killed him. If she does, he will bring her father back. Her dead father is kidnapped?

Alison runs around investigating Laurence’s death. She needs to see her father again, even if she is mad at him for not visiting her. Can something bad happen to a ghost? Could Laurence hurt her father even though he’s already dead? Her investigation leads her to a senior citizen group called the New Old Thespians who put on plays. Her guests now become involved—they still don’t know about her ghostly help—and try to help Alison figure out who killed Laurence.

This is a great paranormal cozy. It’s thoroughly entertaining and you’ll be happy you picked this book up. Thumbs up to Cooperman.

Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of “One Major Mistake”

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