Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The First Prophet by Kay Hooper - Book Review

This book is the first novel in The Bishop Files series. It is an extension of the Bishop/SCU series and Hooper once again regales readers with another well-written tale.

Noah Bishop begins and ends the book. The link between the opening and the conclusion is a harrowing chase involving those wishing to either kill or capture psychics and those who wish to stop the ‘other side’ from doing so. Psychic Sarah Gallagher and novelist Tucker Mackenzie are slammed smack dab into the middle of it all. Sarah and Tucker run from city to city not knowing where they’re going, only that they need to. What’s more, they don’t know who they can trust, even other psychics. And there’s one place Sarah psychically understands they must culminate their journey, if they don’t end up dead. Sarah pushes herself to the limits and finds out more about herself in a week than she knew in a lifetime. Things she didn’t even know she could do must be done if they are to stay alive. When she realizes just how strong she is, she still has to accept her new way of living.

An excellent book I absolutely recommend. Even if you’ve never picked up a Hooper tale before, you’ll understand everything that happens within these pages.

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