Sunday, December 30, 2012

Invisible by Carla Buckley - Book Review

“Invisible” by Carla Buckley:

It’s unfortunate that to some people, children are invisible and while that statement does echo one of the plots in this book, it is not the ‘invisible’ subject Buckley refers to. The invisibility of other things can be fatal, as Buckley shows us.

A powerful tale of the loss of a sister, a loved one who protagonist Dana Carlson deemed too upsetting to go home to see for many years. Their secret must be kept at all costs. And it is costly. Then Dana gets a call that her sister Julie is sick. She rushes home, but it is too late. 

Cloaked as invisible, the enemy is a danger to anyone residing in Black Bear. Dana decides to stay on after the funeral, despite Frank and Peyton’s—Julie’s husband and daughter—wishes. Dana makes as many enemies as she had friends in that town years ago by asking questions and threatening the livelihood of many. While battling these obstacles, Dana must figure out what caused her sister’s illness before it claims another life.

A compelling story that will have you cheering Dana on, while at the same time trying to overcome your dislike of a woman who ran away from something as precious as life itself.

I definitely recommend this great read.

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