Friday, June 8, 2012

When Things Become Murky

Webster's Dictionary ( defines 'murky' as:

"1: characterized by a heavy dimness or obscurity caused by or like that caused by overhanging fog or smoke
2: characterized by thickness and heaviness of air : foggy, misty
3: darkly vague or obscure <murky official rhetoric>"
This definition applies to my mind right now. My thoughts are clouded with a jumble of ideas. I've just sent the final of "One Major Mistake" (Ivanovich series) out for the preparation of its publication. That's the great part!
But now that it's done, where do I go from here? It almost seems like I'm lost. Decisions are obscure right now. Revision after rewriting after editing after revision are now done and here I sit wondering what should come next. Now obviously, I know marketing is a key item on my list (it's at the #1 position actually), but it's not what I'm referring to.
I have several book ideas floating in my head and have actually started a few. I'm asking my readers and fans for their input. What would you like to see me do? Here are options:
  • Paranormal
  • Legal Thriller
  • Continuation novel for Teresa Mancini
  • Young Adult

I can do any and all of the above and in my quandary, a thought came to me: why not ask my readers and fans what they want? So, I'm taking a poll.

What do YOU want to read? Please, help me decide! Comment here, send me a message on Facebook or Goodreads or email me at

I can't wait to hear from you!


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