Sunday, May 27, 2012

Laugh with me

Every year, I take a sabbatical or two in order to refresh myself, to escape the daily grind of life. In the past, I've went to various places in California. Once, I decided to go up to Big Bear, it would be a great summer outing, or so I thought.

I get up there and the entire weekend, I'm socked in with dense fog and am confined to the inside of the cabin because of intense wind gusts. I thought the cabin was going to be swept off the mountain! Now on a sabbatical, it's not a bad thing to be inside. It gives me a chance to write and just relax. But now and again, I'd like to go outside and breath the fresh mountain air. Would be nice, right?

Now, it's the end of May going into summer. I figure it should be another beautiful weekend and decide to once again, head up to Big Bear. Okay, am I cursed? I get here, it's not too bad outside, a little cold and windy, but livable. Then the good 'ole wind kicks up and here I am close to tornado weather again. Okay, I exaggerated a bit, the winds were quite that strong. During the night, the winds died down. That's a good thing, right? I get up the next morning and go outside and see nothing but snow! And it's cold!

Are you kidding me? Weatherbug certainly did not say a word about snow or as a matter of fact, wind. But yet here I am, once again, inside the cabin. It's a good thing I brought my laptop!

So, go ahead and laugh with me. I sure did. If I didn't laugh, I'd crack up in another way. But today? Of course, my last day here, it's beautiful! It's warm and there's no wind and no more snow. Tomorrow (the day I go home) is supposed to be even nicer.

Doesn't that figure? Come on, this story must at least make you smile. :)

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