Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Uninvited Ghost Book Review

“An Uninvited Ghost” by E.J. Cooperman:

An owner of a haunted guesthouse, her mother and daughter, seven live guests from a senior’s tour, two resident ghosts, visiting ghosts, a television crew filming a reality show, a detective, a missing television star, and murder make up this intriguing story. And Cooperman weaves it flawlessly.
Alison Kerby, the guesthouse owner agrees to act as a private investigator to the world of bodiless souls as long as both Maxie and Paul, the two resident ghosts, play the role of themselves for her guests using tricks. Great way to bring in paying visitors, right?  While it sounds like a great idea, things go astray when a blind ghost, Scott McFarlane, appears and Paul requests Alison to take Scott on as a client to investigation a possible mishap. Scott and Paul want Alison to find out if he actually killed a woman—Arlice Crosby—when he was ‘spooking’ her. The good news is he didn’t. The bad news is someone else did. Not at the time Scott thought she died, but right in Alison’s house. Alison found out Arlice was alive and well and invited her to a séance she was hosting that night as one of her tricks for the guests.  During the performance, Arlice is killed. The detective Anita McElone believes it to be one of Alison’s guests. Paul, Maxie and Alison all join efforts and investigate on their own—much to Anita’s chagrin—to find out who killed Arlice and why.

Meanwhile, Tiffney, one of the television stars present at the filming of a reality show in Alison’s guesthouse, disappears and Trent the producer wants Alison to find out where she is.
There is ghostly foul play and many suspects in this enjoyable paranormal cozy (at least that’s the genre I place it in). You won’t be disappointed if you pick this one up!

Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of “Deadly Decisions”

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