Sunday, September 4, 2016

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Sometimes, the dead aren’t dead at all and The Other Side holds all the answers we seek.

Melinda has the perfect life: a great dad, wonderful mother, and her brother Kyle who she actually likes. Factor in the best of all best friends in the world and life could not get much better for Melinda. Sadly, it can and will get a whole lot worse and does in this unique, engulfing young adult novel.

After a horrible tragedy takes the life of her father, Melinda feels her world crumbling around her until another person close to her dies and takes the place of her dad…or do they?

Sometimes, when people cross over, they aren’t always gone and soon Melinda begins to see her dead friend and hear the voice of her father who actually DID die; impossible, she knows, but so real she cannot help but tell others. Her trusting way would be her downfall and soon Melinda is seen as an unstable, confused girl and remanded to an insane asylum where she stays for many years; the voices and faces of the dead her only friends. After years of struggling to understand and make others believe her tales, Melinda is given one last chance to earn her freedom from the asylum and from the dead who haunt her every move. The man who can give her this chance is new doctor, Alex Leever, but can he be trusted? Will he believe her story? Will you?

"An absolutely engrossing tale of paranormal unlike any ever told. Melinda’s Story is one that will tug and pull at the very fabric of who you are, before weaving and winding its way into your psyche. A brilliantly written, seamlessly woven plot that screams ORIGINALITY and begs to be read again and again!!! Young adult and paranormal fans the world over rejoice…a new voice has arrived and she is not leaving anytime soon! Starr Gardinier has penned a tale so believable, enthralling, and wonderfully special, it deserves its place among the very best in its genre…distinctive and vivid, “The Other Side: Melinda’s Story” is a MUST READ!"

~ CK Webb, Co-Author of “Collecting Innocents”

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