Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lazy, Rainy Days

Today, it's raining here in 'sunny' Southern California. I love the rain. It washes away all the pollen, pollution, and foul tastes of the senseless maniacs driving the streets of California. Do I sound like I hate it here? If so, let me clear that up. I don't. I love California. The people? I could do without a few.

But that's not why I'm blogging today. 

It's raining. I love to hear the musical tones of rain splashing into already formed puddles. The cleansing scent is reminiscent of a peaceful, lazy day at a lake in the mountains.

Rainy days give me (us?) an opportunity to stay indoors and get caught up on life's little to-do lists that I keep putting off. Like cleaning ceiling fans and doing laundry. Okay, that's the yuck part.

But, I also get to blog, like now. These random nonsensical words I put into a blog post. Next (after checking laundry again), I'll go back to penning my 3rd book in the Other Side series: The Other Side: Ben's Story. If you have no idea what the Other Side series is, you can always find the books here: Melinda and Trent are in a world of hurt in Ben's Story. They don't know it yet, but paranormal fatalities become parts of their worlds.

At any rate, back to my rain rants. Days like today allow me (us?) to feel anew as the droplets wash away my stressful days. All week, my brain functions analytically. Weekends, I use the other side of my brain creatively. It's a great balance, even though more time is spent pouring over legal musings instead of fictional ones.

So, today, Ben is beckoning me. I bid you adieu now. Apparently, the paranormal world is waiting to exact its 


Tena said...

Fun post. I too love the way the world feels and smells after a good cleansing rain. The drops plopping in the puddle of rain. Today in Colorado we are in for a big snow, says the forecasters. The effect is much the same of a good snow, only colder. LOL
Best wishes for lots of sales!

Starr Smith said...

Thanks for your comment, Tena. Love the rainy days! CA needs the rain. Hope you're doing ok in CO!

Susabelle said...

I miss rain. I moved from the Midwest to Colorado almost five years ago, and I didn't realize how little it rained here. Snow, yes (and I love snow!) but not much rain. Not the big booming thunderstorms and torrents of rain, or long slow softly raining days that made you want to be quiet and listen. So, I miss rain. The last two times I've visited southern California (San Diego), my plane landed in the rain, and I took a rainy cab ride to my hotel, and then took a walk in the rain with a borrowed umbrella. It was awesome!

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