Monday, August 10, 2015

Book Review

“Sin” by J.M. LeDuc

I’ve read LeDuc’s previous work and was completely entertained by them. But now, with this new series he’s started, The Sinclair O’Malley series, it’s more than entertaining. It’s thrilling, it’s quickly-turn-the-page heart racing, and it’s a series that I will definitely continue to read.
FBI Agent Sinclair O’Malley—known as Sin—is someone you don’t want to mess around with. Seemingly made of stone, she really has the heart of gold, but is steadfast and brazen during her missions. She trusts few people and even those people become suspicious in "Sin."
Her father is dying and this is the time for Sin to mend fences with him. To do this, she needs to go back home and while she’s there, her superiors tell her, she can go under the radar and investigate the mass of young girls’ dead bodies that have been found in the Keys. And of course, why two FBI agents were murdered there.
Sure, she can go under the pretense of visiting her sick father. Sure, she can find out why these young girls are being found murdered. Sure, she can find out what happened to two FBI agents. Sure, she can go in alone against ruthless killers and sick and twisted individuals without any back up. Sure; why not?
And when she does, she finds there’s more to the story than just dead girls and FBI Agents. Connecting with Charlie, an old friend and previous mentor, Sin sets her sights on Prophet Heap, the new ‘god-loving’ man in town. The very one who has the entire town under his thumb and the one who ran Sin’s father out of his own church and took it over.
While balancing a reunion with her father, whom she hasn’t seen in seven years, a friendship and eventual romance with long-ago nemesis Troy, she goes into one dangerous situation after another trying to bring down a slave trade and save more young girls from dying.
What Sin and others go through is harrowing, at best, and can be fatal for Sin and others who try to help her. This is a thriller you don’t want to miss. LeDuc has shown he’s on top of his game with some of his best writing. I won’t be missing the rest of this new series!

Reviewed by Starr Gardinier, author of “The Other Side: Melinda’s Story” 

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