Thursday, July 23, 2015

Let me introduce you... Christi Golden-Clark, author of "FAMOUS LAST WORDS: If I Can't Have You, No One Else Can"

A little about "Famous Last Words: If I Can't Have you, no one Else Can":

Christi shares the details of her tumultuous relationship with a teenage boy who had the looks and charm of James Dean. However, he became insanely jealous and physically abusive. Despite these faults, Christi loved him and hoped her love would change him. Marriage and a baby didn’t improve the situation.

A dramatic and compelling memoir, Christi narrates a young life filled with physical and mental abuse that culminated in her being shot in December of 1969. "FAMOUS LAST WORDS: If I Can’t Have You, No One Else Can” tells of her struggles to make it on her own against the odds of threats, stalking, and attempted murder. With her family now grown, she shares her story of abuse to encourage women to seek help and refuge before they and their families experience unnecessary abuse and domestic violence from a parent, partner or spouse.

Asheville, NC author, shares her true story of survival from domestic violence. She narrates a young life filled with physical and mental abuse that culminated in her being shot twice in December of 1969 by her husband. She is founder/director of Overcomers of Domestic Violence ( and Writers Reign of Asheville ( Proudly associated with Mariska Hargitay’s (Law & Order) Joyful HeartsFoundation and NO MORE, both national organizations.

Christi was born in Germany, adopted and sent to Dearborn, Michigan at age of six. She grew up in a very wealthy, very strict home. Then she met a teenage boy, fell in love, had a very close relationship, got engaged then married, and had a baby. Unfortunately, was abused physically and emotionally. She tell us that she "...was his possession and when I left for my safety, he found me, shot me twice and left me for dead. I was DOA, but survived by the grace of God. My life changed in an instant and was never the same. It was filled with many experiences from racing at the Detroit Dragway, to riding a motorcycle in the middle of the Detroit Riots, to finding God again." She says that the book turned out to be the best therapy for her. She got her anger out, cried, laughed and made positive outcomes from negative experiences. 

Her first book follows her life from meeting her first husband until he shot her. Book two continues from the shooting, appropriately titled "FAMOUS LAST WORDS: I Will Survive". Because of the book, she started a support group for battered/abused women called Overcomers of Domestic Violence (who are are under the umbrella of Joyful Hearts founded by Mariska Hargitay, Law and Order fame and Just Say No), which can be found at Then she formed a writing group called Writers Reign of Asheville. She also loves to participate in church activities like Vacation Bible School, greeter, Bible studies, Children's church, etc. 

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Christi Golden-Clark said...

Thank you for featuring me and my book, FAMOUS LAST WORDS: "If I Can't Have You, No One Else Can"
If you would like to contact me or purchase my book in hardcover, paperback, or eBook through my website go to:
I am also on Facebook: Christi Golden-Clark and Twitter: Christi Golden-Clark @ChristiGCAuthor

Starr Smith said...

I'm happy to have you, Christi! Good luck!

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