Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Featuring Author Allen Klein

Today, I'm happy to introduce you all to author Allen Klein. 

Ever hear of a “Jollytologist”?  Well meet the world’s one and only—Allen Klein.

Through his books and his presentations, Klein shows people worldwide how to use humor to deal with everything from traffic jams to tragedies.

He is an award-winning professional speaker and a recipient of:

-a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor,
-a Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association, and
-a Toastmaster’s Communication and Leadership Award. Besides all that, he is a
-Hunter College; The City University of New York, Hall of Fame honoree.

Klein is also a best-selling author of 19 books which have sold over 600,000 copies. His books include:

-The Healing Power of Humor,
-Change Your Life!: A Little Book of Big Ideas,
-Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying,
-The Art of Living Joyfully,
-Always Look on the Bright Side.

Comedian Jerry Lewis has said that Allen Klein is “a noble and vital force watching over the human condition.” 

Today, we are looking at "you can't ruin my day: 52 Wake-Up calls to Turn Any Situation Around." It contains 52 themes to help readers take back their power and not let other people or other situations ruin their day.

Keep these tools in your arsenal of things to help you maneuver around roadblocks, setbacks, or upsets you might encounter on any given day.

Each of the 52 stories and wake-up calls in the book are amazing and inspiring. One couple lost almost all of their money to Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme; instead of bitterness, they chose to learn from their mistake and move on. From getting a parking ticket to family squabbles to life-changers such as the loss of a job, Klein offers wisdom, good humor, and coping skills that improve the quality of life.

"You Can't Ruin My Day" is designed to help you unload the burdens you have been carrying around with you. The book is not only filled with wise words but also inspiring stories and anecdotes, insightful and motivational quotations, and lighthearted and laugh-producing material.

For more information about him can be found at www.allenklein.comYou can purchase t his book at Amazon:, or from the author's site:

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