Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review - "The Lost"

“The Lost” by Vicki Pettersson

‘Shooting me up’ to a point where I don’t think can be any ‘higher’ only to be brought to greater heights then plummeted back to earth at the end of the book—that’s how I felt when I closed “The Lost.” You’ll understand my euphemisms with ‘shooting me up’ and ‘higher’ as you read on.

Griffin Shaw was murdered fifty years ago and is now a Centurion who graces the living again with one major agenda—to find out who killed him and his wife, Evie. Well, two agendas. The other being why. Along the way he rescues and falls in love with Katherine (Kit) Craig, a reporter.

While Grif investigates his own murder, loves Kit, and saves the dying from becoming a ‘Lost,’ he and Kit run around the city trying to solve the murder of Jeap Yang, a drug addict who became addicted to that which became his demise. Kit’s emotion was what placed she and Grif in harm’s way. Because Grif can see the plasma around the dying, it was he who knew the path Kit put them and her good friend Dennis on while trying to bring to justice the people responsible for Yang and many others’ deaths.

The race to find out if Kit, Grif, Dennis, and many other humans will come out of this alive was too much to handle. I had my own duel with day-to-day demands and “The Lost” won out as I placed all else on hold just to finish this novel. I was sorry to have read the last page, but only because the story was over. At least this one.

Pettersson is one author who can glue me to the page until the very last word. Absolutely 100% recommended. Ten stars.

Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of “The Other Side: Melinda’s Story” 

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