Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Review - "Buried in Bargains"

“Buried in Bargains” by Josie Belle

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘Good Buy Girls’ (GBG)? If you say a bunch of women who like smart finds, then you guessed it. But second hand shops, stationary stores, delis, and accounting are not all Maggie, Joanne, Claire, and Ginger are up to.
Much to the dismay of Sheriff Sam Collins—an ex-boyfriend of Maggie’s from her younger years—Maggie and her entourage insist on getting involved when a young girl is murdered. Joanne’s husband Michael is very protective of Diane Jenkins, his new hire at the deli, and the GBG girls can’t figure out why. Until plots, schemes, and stalkers make an appearance after Diane is murdered and Michael is knocked out and left for dead in his deli.
Maggie and Sam are lighting up their old flame again, but Maggie’s insistence in coming to the aid of her friend and getting in the way may be the one thing that may put that flame out again. But she can’t help herself when Michael becomes a suspect in Diane’s murder.
This is a tale of suspicions, Maggie’s amateurish sleuth, off-the-wall ideas, and mayhem, and it’s a load of fun! Recommended!

Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of “The Other Side: Melinda’s Story” 

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