Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Tell Me" Book Review

“Tell Me” by Lisa Jackson

This book is absolutely tension-filled. Jackson is on top of her game with “Tell Me.” Nikki Gillette wants to know what happened twenty years ago to her murdered friend Amity and wants someone to tell her. Amity’s mother Blondell was imprisoned twenty years ago based on the testimony of her son, Amity’s brother, that his mother is the one who shot them and killed Amity.

A true crime author and writer for the Savannah Sentinel, Nikki goes on the hunt, investigating when she should leave it up to her fiancé, Detective Pierce Reed. But that’s not in her nature. She gets more than just information for her articles and book however, when she runs into some nerve-wracking—both for the reader and the character—situations. During her and Reed’s investigation, Nikki finds out she has a stalker and figures it has to do with the case. Is someone warning her to back off? She’s threatened on more than one occasion, but doesn’t give up.

This romantic suspense will have you up all night reading, paging your way through the romance between Nikki and Reed and the at-times very dangerous circumstances Nikki gets herself into. To say ‘I didn’t see it coming’ may be cliché, but it’s very true. You will be astounded with the ending!

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