Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Hotter Than Helen" Book Review

“Hotter than Helen” by Susan Wingate

What could be hotter than hell-en? Perhaps Susan Wingate with this novel, the second in the Bobby’s Diner Series.

Georgette Carlisle is happy. She’s getting married, owns a diner, loves her cat, and has some wonderful friends, including the mayor of Sunnydale, whom she considers a daughter. Everything is going great. That is, until her friend Helen shows back up in town. Then all ‘hel-en’ breaks loose.

Georgette’s world is turned upside down. Her cat is missing, her fiancé becomes unfaithful, Helen is discovered murdered, and the mayor is abducted. And the culprits behind it all are really working for someone else.

A suspenseful and well-penned novel that is sure to entertain you this summer. Read on!

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