Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Class Reunions can be Murder" Book Review

“Class Reunions can be Murder” by Susan Santangelo

Being the fourth in the Baby Boomer Mysteries series, “Class Reunions can be Murder” is still high on the charts and so is Santangelo. This author can whip together a story that will have you cackling. Warning: don’t read it when others are around. If so, they may end up wondering if there’s something wrong with you because you’ll be doubling over in laughter.

Carol Andrews is at it again. The poor woman can’t stay away from dead bodies. It’s not like she goes looking for them, they just seem to appear wherever she is.

This time a body is found in Mount Saint Francis Academy, an all-girl Catholic school. Oh, excuse me, it’s Fairport Manor Senior Living Community now. Or will be right after the Ruby Reunion. Forty years after graduation, Carol is talked into being on the committee to head up the reunion. The dinner the night before is a huge hit. They decide to stay in rooms the night before the actual reunion at Fairport. But Carol doesn’t get the chance for any sleep that night. She and her girlfriend Nancy walk into the room, only to find a dead body in one of the beds. And the victim is none other than Carol’s arch nemesis from her school days. Just great. Finding bodies is what happens to Carol. Can we expect less?

It’s hilarious reading about the following excursions and escapades that Carol goes through to find out first, why everyone believes the suicide note and second, who is actually responsible for the murder.

Honestly, even if you have not read a book in Santangelo’s series before, you really need to pick this one up. Pure entertainment at its best!

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