Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Book Review

“Still Waters” by Donald Allen Kirch:

With so many stories milling about regarding the sinking of the Titanic, one wonders what the real truth is. Perhaps Kirch, through his fictional novel “Still Waters” has deciphered the real catastrophe’s secret. Was it Ka Re?

Kirch brings together the Titanic’s calamity with Egyptian beliefs, a mummy by the name of Ka Re—that should have stayed in her resting place—mayhem and murder. This is not your typical report of the Titanic’s fatal end. Weaving together elements of believable characters with long-ago forgotten curses, Kirch brings the reader to the water’s edge with his fantastical tale of one mummy’s form of justice. Ka Re’s desire for revenge shows no mercy as she kills those she believes defies her and her gods.

Dennis Parker, the archeologist who finds Ka Re and attempts to transport her remains on the Titanic back to America for the museum, believes the murder victims and lost souls from the Titanic aptly lay at his door; he is guilt ridden. Will Ka Re be the end of him or will the reverse be true?

Thumbs up C to Kirch for composing a novel with a refreshing twist.

~ Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of “The Other Side: Melinda's Story” 

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