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Come Meet Author Amy Lignor

I am pleased to showcase author Amy Lignor. Her newest release, "13," is released today, December 1, 2012. Help me celebrate with her on the day of her release!

Here's a bit about her

As the daughter of a career librarian she grew up loving books. In fact, Patience & Fortitude at the NYPL are still her heroes. Beginning with her first novel of historical romance, "The Heart of a Legend," I moved into the YA world with the bestselling series, "The Angel Chronicles." Today, December 1, 2012 is the release of "13," which is the first book in a seven-book suspense/adventure series titled, “Tallent & Lowery,” and the fans went crazy for it. Reviewers have already referred to "13" as a '5-Star' read that’s “The DaVinci Code with Heart.”

Being in the publishing industry as an editor for twenty years, Amy now owns and operates The Write Companion (, which offers editing, ghostwriting, and proofreading services to authors. She is also a contributor to Suspense Magazine, as well as many literary publications, such as The RT (Romantic Times),, Authorlink, The Feathered Quill, Random House YA, and more.

Here’s what people are saying about Amy and her Work

“This is an author to keep an eye on in the future as she takes on the big boys in publishing. With a vivid imagination, Amy always delivers!” - Dawn’s Reading Nook

“Amy Lignor has a knack for writing that many should be envious of. She has the wonderful flowing poetry style that makes descriptions of places and times play on the page like mini movies.” - Rants ‘N Scribbles

“Amy’s story is nothing but original!” - Realm of Fiction

“Amy Lignor’s novels keep you begging for more!” - Novel ‘d Tales

“I love Amy Lignor’s twists and turns…she certainly grabs my attention!” - Mocha Latte Reads

“Amy Lignor is a remarkable writer!” - YA-Aholic

“Amy Lignor has a unique way of writing. It’s beautiful, the way she writes.” - Midnight Book Thief

“Amy Lignor is a great writer. I am hooked from the prologue and ready to go wherever she takes me!” - Rampant Reads

Wicked Readings says…“This author creates wonderfully complex characters that are completely believable and truly unforgettable!”

Interview with Amy

I was able to snag a few minutes of Amy's time and asked her some questions:

QueenWriter (QW): Tell us a bit about your background that we won't find in your bio.

Amy Lignor (AL): Writing was something I always wanted to do. When I was 13 years old, we were actually given an assignment by our history teacher in high school. The class was supposed to write an essay regarding our ‘take’ on the characters of Nicholas & Alexandra. The girls headed toward the Tsarina and the boys took the Tsar and, because I love being different, I took the subject of Rasputin. That was the first time my writing achieved success – when the teacher placed it into a historical writing competition and it won. After that, writing was it! I love research; I love going back to ancient times and figuring out puzzles; and I love having fans whisked away by a story that I created. So…writing is not what I would call a ‘job,’ it is extremely personal to me, and I want to make readers happy and introduce them to characters they’ll (hopefully) never forget.

QW: Complete the following sentence: "If I had one day to do whatever I chose to do, I would ..."

AL: Oh, gosh…I would have to say that there are so many places I have written about that I would love to visit one of them for a day; most especially, Petra, which is a highlight in my new series. Just to be able to walk through these amazing places and see the ‘real’ thing up close and personal instead of researching in books, on the internet, etc., would be an absolute thrill for me.

QW: Other than the synopsis of your book, tell us why you think readers will enjoy it.

AL: "13" came from a very slow day at work, to be honest, and turned into an all-out adventure. I think the puzzle linking some of the most varied locations in the world, not to mention a main character who is beyond funny and intelligent, will have readers truly involved in the book. It’s a slice of The DaVinci Code mixed with the all-out action of an Indiana Jones/National Treasure plot. And the sites, themselves – the legends and ‘ghost stories’ - in some cases - have readers running to the internet and sending me messages already about how ‘cool’ they think these sites are. So…I think readers will be engaged by the material!

QW: Do you believe in writer's block? If so, has this happened to you? And what do you do to get past it? 

AL: I don’t know if it’s so much of a block as it is just simple exhaustion. There are so many times when I’ve heard from others that you should “sit at least an hour a day in front of the computer, or at least type five pages on a daily basis”…but if you have nothing to say about the character or the next step in their path/adventure, the pages will be something that you’ll most likely throw out later on. I say this because when the thrill is with you, when you have that passion running through you, the story takes the writer out of the everyday world and it’s a complete and utter experience. When the passion isn’t there, the pages written will be nothing more than boring words and no writer wants that for their fans. To get over the block/pause/exhaustion, I walk away from that machine. I read a book by someone I love, walk outside, enjoy the family, a friend, play ball with the dog – something that completely takes my mind away from the story I want to write. Then, when my palette is clean, so to speak, that passion springs to life again. (Usually at 2:00 AM when you have to wake up and start writing immediately!)

QW: What's next on your writing list? Are you currently penning this or is this in the 'thinking' stage?

AL: I’m having a ball, actually, because I am currently working on the third and final installment of The Angel Chronicles series, which has done amazingly well with the YA world; and I’m working on Book II in the Tallent & Lowery series, which is a whole lot of fun because I have found a way this time to connect Shakespeare, the New Testament, Petra, Noah’s Ark, and the Goddess Athena in a puzzle that’s beyond exciting…so both are being written as we speak. I also have a romance novel coming out in January, so gearing up for that as well.

I'd like to thank Amy for taking time from her busy life to talk to us. You can contact Amy and find out more about her at:

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