Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review of "Criminal" by Karin Slaughter

“Criminal” by Karin Slaughter
Amanda Wagner with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation supervises Will Trent, but there are deeper ties there that Amanda does her best to keep secret.
Slaughter pens the thriller throwing us knee-deep into a situation that has its own connections to a case thirty years old, one that rocked the female entrance into the man’s workplace.
While Will battles demons of his past and tries to break free of his wife Angie, Sara—Will’s newest girlfriend—fights with herself over whether or not Will is worth the agony of heartbreak should Will leave her to go back to Angie.
Amanda brings the reader from the beginning, how the case that made her career was affecting the same now. And how Will is involved from the beginning, without even knowing it.
This is an absolute electrifying thriller that marks not only Amanda’s fight with being a woman on the force but can be compared to Slaughter fighting her way into a man’s ‘thriller-writing’ world. Slaughter definitely won the battle just as her character Amanda secured her position.
Suspenseful, terrifying, thrilling. A read you will be glad you picked up. Ten out of ten stars.
Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of “One Major Mistake”

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