Friday, October 26, 2012

Writing Quirks and Must-Haves to Write

I’m sure many authors have their own quirks, superstitions and/or must-haves in order to write. I can be counted among that ‘many.’ I’ll start with quirks.
If someone were to come up behind or near me when I’m writing a novel, I have a tendency to either close my laptop or turn the screen off if I’m on the P.C. I know, it’s not like they could read it that fast, but I don’t want to take that chance. I want them to read it when I’m ready for them to, not a moment before. Another oddity for me is I tend to look off into space while I’m typing. Most often, it’s above, as if I’m looking at the ceiling. People ask me what I’m looking at and think I’m weird, but in fact, I’m actually visualizing what I’m typing. It’s sort of like being in New York City and suddenly stopping on the sidewalk and looking up. People will stop and try to look at what you’re looking at. Before you know it, you have a group looking up. It’s the same when I’m typing and looking skyward. If anyone is in the room, they will always look up to see what I’m looking at. It’s funny. You should try it sometime.
My #1 must-have when writing is quiet. I can’t concentrate well if I have the television running and/or people talking. If they’re in the room I designate I’m writing in, they must be quiet. If they can’t be, I pick up and leave (after I get them all to look at the ceiling). Coffee is another thing I must have. I get a nice steaming hot cup of coffee and sit down at my computer. Before you know it, I’m focused on my book and it is hours later when I take a sip of a not-so-good, very cold cup of yuck. I do it every time. So, I get up and start all over again. If I’m drinking a hot cup of coffee (or warm), I know I’m not focusing on my writing. Maybe that’s more of a quirk than a must-have. Either way you look at it, caffeine kick starts and then keeps my brain into high gear.
I would love to hear what your quirks and/or must-haves are. Send a message to me on Facebook (!/starr.reina) or comment here on my blog.


Jennifer Oberth said...
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Jennifer Oberth said...

I love that you get people to stare at your ceiling - that'll keep them quiet, at least for a little bit. I find that quiet distracts me (unless I'm in the zone where nothing distracts me) so I'll listen to soundtracks.

Music with no lyrics is a must-have for me to write. (I can do it in other places like on the train or on my lunch hour at work but I'm going to say this is a must-have anyway.)

I love a nice hot chocolate and I've had that same experience where I sip very carefully and get a mouthful of cold, unmixed watery chocolate and I'm baffled until I look at the clock.

Oh, can I say a must-not-have? Because I'll say my cat who sometimes - now, in fact - curls up on my mouse pad, rests her head on my moving hand and falls asleep. I try not to disturb her but hey, I'm writing here! (This isn't for writing-writing but when I'm on the computer, working on my book.)

Good luck with the quiet - that must be tough sometimes! (Until recently, I lived in a noisy neighborhood and the soundtrack music drowned it out.)

Starr Reina said...

Jennifer, thanks for your comment. I understand about your cat. I have a chihuahua like that!

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