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"One Major Mistake" - Chapter Two Released!

Sshh...don't let my publicist know I'm giving you FREE parts of my newest release. She'll have my head!

I posted Chapter One of "One Major Mistake," the newest release in the Ivanovich series, on July 25, 2012. You just need to go back and look for it on this blog if you missed it. Now, I'm posting Chapter Two.

Enjoy the FREEBIE!


Teresa was just getting out of the shower when she heard the doorbell. Clad in nothing but a robe, with her dark brown hair dripping wet, she answered the door.

“Felice! I wasn’t expecting you.”

Felice Bellicini Thornton was Pavel’s ex-lover and mother of their daughter Rita Grace. She was just as beautiful as Teresa, but of course, Teresa would never admit that. Teresa knew Pavel was attracted to good looking women, much like any man, but she also knew assuredness went a long way with him. Teresa knew her confidence in herself was a defining factor and one of the reasons why Pavel loved her and not Felice any longer. At least, that’s what Teresa told herself.

Teresa knew that Pavel’s ruthlessness and desire to bring down the Mancini crime family was the root of his breakup with Felice, and oddly enough, was what brought Teresa and Pavel together. But Felice moved on and married Darryl Thornton and was happy with the new life she chose. After a lot of trauma for both he and Felice, his relationship with her was now amicable and they harmoniously shared custody of Rita Grace. Even Teresa came to like Felice. Unfortunately, his job didn’t allow a lot of visitation time and Pavel always said Darryl turned out to be a good second father to Rita Grace and he was grateful for that.

“I know I should have called first. Can I come in?”

“Of course,” Teresa moved aside so Felice could enter. “Let me put some clothes on. I’ll be right out. There’s coffee, if you want some. Pavel made it before he left this morning.”


Teresa changed her clothes and towel-dried her hair. She came out, poured herself a cup of coffee and joined Felice, who had already helped herself.

“What brings you by?” Teresa asked, sitting down at the table.

“Well, I need a favor.”


“The minute I met you, I knew I liked you.”

“After what happened when we first met, it sort of surprises me.”

“You mean when you were let’s say . . . admonishing Pavel for something he said?” Felice laughed.

Teresa laughed with her, “Yes, and when he walked in the front door and I didn’t know you and Rita Grace were there when I threw an egg at him.”

“Yeah, getting me instead.”

After Pavel’s acceptance of Felice’s new life, his own with Teresa became more real to him. Felice was no longer a threat to Teresa and because of that, Teresa didn’t have a problem when Felice came over. Consequently, Felice was a first-hand witness to some of Teresa’s outbursts.

The two were laughing hard now. After a few minutes, Felice turned serious again.

“Teresa, since then, we’ve spent some time together. You can be irritating, but,” Felice held up her hand to stop Teresa from interrupting, “you are also genuine.”

“What are you getting at?”

“I’ve seen you with Rita Grace. For someone who professes she detests children and doesn’t want any, you sure are terrific with her.”

“I try. What’s going on, Felice?”

“She also loves spending time with you. So,” Felice took a big breath, “I have a favor to ask.”

“You said that. So, ask.”

“I know Pavel’s job keeps him away from home a lot, so this would fall on you, really.”

“Felice, get to the point.”

“I need you and Pavel to watch Rita Grace for a few days.”

“That’s it? That’s what you’re so nervous about?”

“Well, yes.”

“I haven’t spent more than an hour or so alone with her before, always with Pavel.”

“I know.”

“How long are a few days?”

“Three days, tops.”

“That’s a long time, at least for me. I don’t know how to take care of her for that long.”

“I’ve gotten to know you over the time you and Pavel have been together. I know for a fact that if Pavel didn’t trust you, he wouldn’t be with you, let alone allow you to be near our daughter for any length of time. Because of that, I trust you.”


“Why do I need to leave Rita Grace with you? Because Darryl will be attending the New York Dentist Convention and we thought it would be good to make it into a vacation. The twins and Joseph are staying with Tracy, our longtime babysitter.”

Darryl had two children, Glenn and Gabriella with his previous wife, Rita who was killed in a car accident. Rita had also been Felice’s best friend. After Darryl and Felice got married, they had Joseph.

“Why can’t she take Rita Grace as well?”

“She’s still young and it’s too much on Tracy. It’s not a problem for the twins because they’ll be in school during the day and Joseph as an infant is tough enough for her to handle without her having to watch Rita Grace. Besides, I will always ask Pavel first because I know he enjoys having her. He is her father.”

“When are you leaving?”

“Next Monday, but I can’t wait until the last minute. That’s why I’m asking a full week in advance. I need to make sure the kids are being taken care of.”

“I work too, you know. I can’t very well bring her with me.”

“Don’t you have some guy running the store for you?”

“Dillon, but . . . well, let me see what I can work out. I can get back to you. It’s the best I can do.”

Dillon was a young college student working for Teresa and was turning into a good employee.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet, Felice. I still haven’t said yes and even if I do, Rita Grace may end up hating me by the time you get home.”

Felice smiled, “I doubt that.”

“I’ll speak with Pavel, even though it may not matter. He’s been working too many hours lately and I’m not happy about it.”

“Pavel is that way. He’s always been a hard worker.”

“Why did you decide not to get back together with Pavel once you found out the real reason he left you?”

“You get right to the point, don’t you?”

“Always. So, why?”

“Regardless of the reason he left me, he still did. Our daughter and me. I made a new life for us with Darryl and the twins, and I was happy.”

“Too bad for you, good for me. Pavel makes me happy.”

“You’re an odd woman, Teresa Mancini, but I like you.”

“You’re not too normal yourself. Leaving a man rippled with muscles like you did. You’re nuts.”

They both laughed. Teresa reiterated that she would get back to Felice.

After Felice left, Teresa called a cab and told him to take her to a Mercedes dealership. Once there, it didn’t take her long to find the car that was meant for her. She test drove an E350 coupe and when she found out the cost, figured it wasn’t bad.

She called Pavel to tell him.

“What’s the price?” Pavel asked.

Teresa told him.

“That is a bit more than I want to spend.”

“I could have decided on a convertible for more money. You should be happy about that. You luck that I don’t want a convertible anyway. Do you know what those things to do a woman’s hair?”

Pavel snickered.

“I’ll agree to this, but no extras that what come on the car already.”


“Can you put the dealer on so I can speak with him?”

After Pavel agreed on details, the dealer put Teresa back on the phone.

“I’m driving straight to the phone company as soon as I’m done here.”

“I expected as much.”

“I’m just reminding you.”

“I know. I won’t be able to speak with you later though. I will give you my credit card and you can use that for a cell phone. But Teresa, please nothing elaborate and don’t use the card for anything else.”

“I know. I won’t.”

Pavel gave her his information.

“I’m also reminding you that you need to come down here to give your official statement of what happened at the Russo’s house.”


“Come down as soon as you get your cell phone. I need to get back to work now.”

“Pavel?” Teresa stopped him from hanging up. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

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