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Chapter Five of "In the Name of Revenge"

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As promised, the next day Darryl called Felice and told her to put on something elegant, as he was going to take her out for an evening that both of them needed…badly.
Felice rifled through her wardrobe trying to pick out something. It had been a long time since she dressed in anything more than jeans and a t-shirt. Babies didn’t require fashion models, just mommies that didn’t mind getting wet from drool, not to mention other bodily fluids that seemed to constantly leak from their tiny bodies.
She chose a tasteful, stylish skirt with indigo flowers against a black background. It was edged with a lace indigo trim that hung about an inch past the bottom of the skirt, just slightly below the knee. She wore a simple black blouse and open toed sandals with ribbon that wrapped around her ankles.
She dabbed on her favorite perfume just as she heard her doorbell ring.
She pulled open her front door fully expecting to find Darryl there. Instead, a huge bouquet of flowers greeted her, big enough that she wasn’t able to see who was holding them.
A man turned so he could see her, and asked, “Felice Bellicini?”
“Yes,” she answered.
“Delivery,” the man grunted, “please sign here,” he said, struggling to hold the flowers and hand her a clipboard at the same time.
She tipped him and walked back inside, putting the flowers down on the hallway table. She searched for a card and found none.
“Must be from Darryl,” she mused. “That was thoughtful of him.”
Her doorbell rang again.
“Wow. You look nice,” Darryl said, as she opened the door.
“Thank you. You don’t look so bad either,” she smiled and answered.
Felice couldn’t help but notice how handsome he looked dressed in a deep blue pinstriped suit.
“I’ll be just a minute,” she said, walking into her room.
When she came out, he said, “Beautiful flowers.”
“Aren’t they? Thank you, Darryl. You didn’t have to.”
“I didn’t,” he frowned. “Admirer?”
“They’re not from you?”
“No, but I wish I could take the credit,” he said, fingering one of the many yellow roses.
“I don’t understand.”
“There wasn’t a card?”
“No, I looked for one, but didn’t see it.”
“Well, they are beautiful,” he said smiling. “Just like you.”
Inside he felt a twinge of jealousy at the thought Felice might have an admirer. He realized how silly that was because, after all, she was just a friend.
As she went to grab her wrap, she could feel his eyes on her and asked, “Is something wrong?”
“Wrong? No, on the contrary. Everything’s right. I just can’t get over how pretty you look.”
“I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not. Does that mean I look bad every other time you’ve seen me?” she smiled at him.
“That’s not what I meant at all. It’s just tonight, you look exceptionally nice.”
“Well, it’s not every day I get to dress up. Rita Grace didn’t make it a job requirement when she told me I would have to take care of her.”
Darryl laughed and asked, “Ready?”
“Where are we going anyway?”
“You’ll see, trust me.”
Darryl took her out to Bella’s Italiano Restaurant√©.
“This was Rita’s favorite place. Are you okay with this?” she asked him as they were shown to their table.
“Yes, I think Rita would approve. I haven’t been here for a long time and I like this restaurant as well.”
Felice thought it strange he would say something like that.
“What exactly would Rita approve of?”
“Of me bringing you here to this restaurant. Do you know she considered you her best friend? She loved you very much.”
“Yes, I loved her, too. I still miss her.”
“So do I,” he whispered quietly.
They lingered over a cappuccino after dinner, foregoing dessert.
Walking out, he suggested they take a leisurely stroll through the park. He wasn’t prepared to end the night so soon.
“What about the children? I know Rita Grace will sleep through to morning and my babysitter doesn’t mind staying late, but don’t you have to pick up the twins from Tracy’s house?”
“Not tonight. She has graciously agreed to keep the children overnight. I hope you don’t mind, but I called your babysitter while you were in the ladies room and asked if she wouldn’t mind bringing Rita Grace over to Tracy’s to spend the night as well.”
“What? Why did you do that?”
“I’m sorry if I crossed a line. I know she isn’t my child and I should have asked you first. I just wanted to surprise you. It was presumptuous of me.”
The touch of anger she felt at first disappeared as she realized she wasn’t really upset. She was grateful that a man took charge and planned an evening for her like this. As much as she loved her daughter, being both mother and father and making all the decisions was tiring sometimes. Besides, it was nice to have a night out with an adult.
“I’m not upset. It’s okay. Thank you for doing it. I do need a night off.”
“So, shall we?” he asked.
“We shall. The park it is.”
As they walked through the park, Darryl took her hand. They walked together for a while in silence, each lost in their own thoughts.
Darryl steered her towards a bench and they sat, Darryl still holding her hand.
“It’s a nice night out. Thanks again for tonight, Darryl.”
“You are very welcome.”
Felice sat and welcomed the all-over good feeling she was having. Sitting here with Darryl and breathing the night air was just what she needed. She was beginning to truly enjoy Darryl’s company, which surprised her. Not because he wasn’t a nice guy, it’s just that she was Rita’s friend. As much as she was taking pleasure from this night, there was a little twinge of guilt. Did she really have the right to feel this happy and content while spending time with Rita’s husband?
She shook the feelings of guilt away. She knew Rita would approve of them becoming close and helping each other through this rough time.
Over the past few months, she realized she liked staying in the guest room at Darryl’s, waking up in the morning to the children and Darryl. It was the family life that until now, she didn’t even realize she wanted.
She looked at him with questioning eyes, “Yes?”
“You do know how much I loved Rita, don’t you?”
“Of course I do.”
“She was my world and mother of our children. She meant everything to me.”
“Where is this going, Darryl?” she asked, slightly nervous.
“What I’m trying to say is a part of me will always love Rita, but I have to move on. The children need a mother figure. I cannot give them what they need from a mother.”
“Darryl, are you trying to tell me you’re seeing someone?”
“Yes, I mean, maybe. I mean...if you’ll see me, then I guess yes.”
“You are confusing me.”
“Felice, you have been like a mother to those children this last year. They love you and they listen to and respect you. What’s more, they love Rita Grace like a sister.”
“I love them like they’re my own.”
Darryl gently turned Felice around so that she was facing him.
“Felice, I just realized I am falling in love with you. It has taken me a while because I have been blind up until now, but I see you with the children, mine and yours, and it makes my heart flutter. When I see you in the morning sitting at the kitchen table with Rita Grace on your lap and the twins at the table with you, I can’t help but feel you are part of our family now. What I mean is that you are more than just Rita’s best friend, more than my friend.”
“Darryl, I…”
“Please, let me finish. For months now I’ve wanted to take you out. I’ve wanted so many nights to hold you in my arms.” Almost hesitating, he continued, “I am falling in love with you, Felice, and I can’t stop it.”
She sat and looked at him. She was questioning everything she knew to be right. She knew she should feel guilty for even entertaining the thought, but someplace inside her, feelings were coming to the surface; those that—even though she wouldn’t admit it—she’d had for a while now. Part of her wanted to push Darryl away, but another was giving in to a family life, which eluded her up to now. That was the part of her that realized that this man in front of her was someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.
Before she even realized what she was doing, she leaned her head towards his and kissed him. It felt right, natural. He kissed her back, pulling her into his arms. Felice’s whole body was shaking with longing and even though it was a cool night, she felt as if she were on fire.
“Darryl,” she finally pulled away from him to look at him. “These last few months, I have really enjoyed waking up to a family life. Sitting at that kitchen table with the children as you walk in has felt like the most natural thing in the world to me. When I hear you walk through the hallway and into the kitchen my pulse begins to race. I don’t know how this happened, Darryl.”
“I do. Rita put us together and even though she’s gone, she’s still looking out for us. She always wanted what was best for both of us. Besides, the two of us being together feels right.”
“Darryl, I don’t know how I feel.”
“I do. I love you, Felice.”
“It’s okay. Please do not tell me you love me if you’re unsure. We have plenty of time. I don’t want to rush into anything, but at the same time, I have to tell you that I just don’t know if I could stand the thought of you belonging to another man. I have no choice but to tell you how I feel.”
“Darryl, I’m not seeing anyone else. I don’t have time.”
“I know, but obviously from those flowers you received earlier tonight, you must have an admirer. Before long, if not that person—whoever he is—then some other lucky man will come along and see what I do. If I don’t speak up now, I could lose you. It’s not a chance I’m willing to take. I’ve lost one love…I can’t lose another.”
He kissed her again. Like high school lovers, they sat on a bench in the park and kissed as if nothing or no one else existed around them.  Finally, Darryl stood and offered her his hand. Taking it, she stood as he pulled her into his arms.
Holding her in his arms, he bent down and kissed her neck and whispered into her ear, “Felice, I know I’m being very presumptuous here...again, but will you come home with me tonight?”
She brought her head back so she could look up into his face. As an answer, she smiled, grabbed his hand again and started walking back down the path towards the car. She chased away all feelings of guilt and acted upon her women’s intuition that Rita would be happy to see Darryl moving on.
            Once they were back at his house, he drew her to him and kissed her again. She felt like her body fit into the groove of his as if they belonged together. She wasn’t nervous or uncomfortable, but felt as if she had always been with Darryl.
He took their coats and hung them in the hall closet near the front door. He started to lead her up the stairs. In the middle of the staircase however, he stopped and pulled her to him again. He just couldn’t get enough of her kisses. Each time he brought his lips to hers, they demanded more.
He pulled away from her and looked into her eyes.
“Are you sure?” he asked in a whisper, his voice rough with emotion.
“Yes, I’m sure.”
He scooped her into his arms and carried her up the remaining stairs. He let her down when they reached the top. She smiled at him as he led her into the bedroom.
They made love with a passion neither realized they could feel after the recent tragic happenings in their lives. No promises were made and no commitments were forthcoming from either of them. They made love freely. Although he confessed his love for her and they were together as one, each other only expected what the night could bring them both. Neither of them thought any further ahead than the heated moment they were in.
The next morning, Felice was awakened by smells of frying bacon and brewing coffee.
She smiled to herself and said aloud, “I can get used to this.”
* * * * *
Over the course of the next few months, Felice and Darryl maintained their separate residences. They saw each other just as often as they did before. Felice stayed at his house with the kids while he worked late at night. However, she stopped staying in the guest room. Instead, she’d lounge on his king-size bed waiting for him to come home.
It was December and the nights were getting cold. Felice would start a fire in the master bedroom fireplace and have it roaring as a greeting to Darryl when he arrived. The children were almost always asleep early and Darryl usually didn’t arrive home until after ten p.m.
Lately however, Darryl started showing up earlier and earlier. One afternoon, he called Felice to ask her if she would again pick up the children from school and take them home with her. He stopped using the babysitter a while ago since Felice was there more and more.
She went to her house first to get more clothing for herself and Rita Grace. Arriving at her place, she noticed a package sitting at the foot of her door. Bringing it inside, she looked and realized there was no return name or address.
She tentatively and carefully opened the brown wrapping and found an elegantly wrapped green satin box. She opened the box and found the most incredibly beautiful, long stemmed, crystal bud vase she’d ever seen.
She gasped as she turned it around in her hands. The base was narrow, but it became thinner as it spiraled up and straightened at the top, slim enough to hold two flowers at the most. The sun hitting the crystal made it shimmer and sparkle. She couldn’t believe how breathtaking a vase could be.
She looked in the box to find a card. Pulling it out, she read it. It simply said, “Happy birthday”. She frowned and again looked at the brown wrapping. She wasn’t mistaken the first time. There was no return address or name.
Puzzled, she started wondering who on earth could have sent her this beautiful vase. Other than Darryl, she didn’t know anyone who would have given her such an expensive gift. She would have to remember to ask him later.
Returning to Darryl’s house with the children, she parked her car in the garage. Glenn and Gabriella bounded out of the car.
As he ran out of the garage into the driveway, Glenn yelled, “I’m going to Mark’s.”
Mark was his best friend who lived next door. They were always at each other’s homes, they were inseparable.
“I’m going, too! Wait up, Glenn,” Gabriella yelled, running out after him.
“Be home by six for dinner,” Felice yelled after them.
She smiled and picked up her daughter from the car seat.
“It’s just you and me, baby girl.”
She tried using the door going from the garage into the hallway off of the kitchen, and found it locked.
“That’s weird,” she murmured, as she walked out of the garage and around to the front door.
It was an unusually cold day, freezing the rain that fell the night before. She nearly slipped as she walked up to the front door. Grabbing the porch rail with her one free hand, she righted herself.
Walking into the house, she noticed an aroma of fresh flowers. She set Rita Grace in her playpen in the den and walked into the living room. Her eyes widened as she realized on every stand available there were fresh flowers. Twirling in the middle of the room, taking in all of the bouquets, she felt strong arms go around her from behind. It startled her and she began to struggle.
“Darling, it’s me. Don’t turn around. Close your eyes.”
“What? Are you crazy?”
“Crazy in love. Now, I want you to close your eyes and trust me.”
“I do trust you.”
She let him lead her blindly out of the living room.
“What are you doing home so early? I thought you wanted me to pick up the kids because you needed to work late. Wait, where’s your car?”
“I didn’t want you to know I was home when you drove in the garage, so I parked it in the neighbor’s driveway until later.”
“And why is the door from the garage locked?”
“All your questions will be answered momentarily. Just a little further,” he said, leading her into the dining room.
“Okay, open your eyes.”
She did and couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing. There were more flowers in the dining room. A crystal candelabrum was set in the middle of the table, holding four lit candles. The table was formally set for two with china. A bottle of champagne was chilling in a bucket of ice set near the table and music was playing softly in the background.
She stood there, her mouth agape. She didn’t know what to say.
“Oh, Darryl,” she managed to get out as tears streamed down her face.
“Happy birthday, Felice.”
“You remembered?”
“I couldn’t forget. The kids kept reminding me. They love you, you know.”
Remembering the package she received, she started to ask, “It was you then that…”
“No more talking. Kiss me.”
She turned to him and did as he asked.
Smiling through her tears, she told him, “No one has ever done this for me before. I mean, yes, I’ve been wined and dined on my birthday, but this…well, this…you went to so much trouble, Darryl.”
“It was definitely no trouble. It’s been a lot of fun.”
Just then the doorbell rang.
“That would be Tracy,” he said.
“The babysitter?”
“The one and only. She’s here to take Rita Grace for the night. Glenn and Gabriella are staying at Mark’s.”
After Tracy wished her a happy birthday and left with her daughter, Felice said, “I can’t believe you planned all of this for me. Why?”
“Well, not just because it’s your birthday—although that’s certainly reason enough—but because you deserve it. You do so much for me and the kids, always there when we need you. Most of all though, it’s because I love you with all my heart.”
“Wow! December eighth will never be the same after this! You spoil me,” she said as she walked into his arms.
She kissed him passionately, melting in his arms. He stopped and stepped back out of the embrace.
“Not now, my love. That will come later. There’s more.”
“More? What more could you have done?”
“You’ll see, but after dinner, which I must attend to. I want you to go on upstairs and I’ll be with you in a moment.”
“Upstairs?” she smiled. “Ooh, honey. Dessert before dinner?”
“Not yet, just go on up.”
“Well, I could use a shower anyway.”
She ran up the stairs giggling. She felt happy and carefree, but most of all, she felt loved.
She walked into what they now called their bedroom and started to undress, readying herself for a shower. Before she made it into the bathroom however, Darryl came up.
She was just pulling on her bathrobe.
“You won’t need that,” he said, and he slid if off of her.
“No?” Smiling, she continued, “This sounds promising.”
“Patience, my love,” he replied, guiding her into their bathroom.
More flowers littered the countertops. The lights were off, but the candles he placed around the bathtub romantically lit up the room. The tub was filled with soap bubbles and sitting next to it was another bottle of champagne in a bucket, but only one glass was evident.
“Honey!” she exclaimed. “This is so romantic.”
“Get in before the water gets too cold. I tried to time it just right.”
“Why is there only one champagne flute?”
“Because I want you to enjoy the peace. It’s just for you, my dear.”
Felice slid into the warm tub and immediately began to relax. He poured her a glass of champagne and handed it to her.
“Join me?” she asked.
“I can’t. I have too much yet to do downstairs. Now, I want you to lie there and do nothing but relax. I’ll be back in a snap.”
“Wait, Darryl.”
“Come here.”
He leaned down over the bathtub and she kissed him, deeply and passionately.
“I don’t know what I did to deserve all of this…to deserve you, but I want to tell you how much this means to me. Thank you.”
“No thanks are necessary. Besides, don’t thank me too early. The evening has just begun. There’s more.”
“More? You’ve got to be kidding.”
“I’m serious. I happen to be in love with one fantastic and sexy lady,” he said as he massaged her breast. “To prove it, I intend on showing you just how much you mean to me.”
“Darryl, I love you.”
It was the first time she openly admitted it. He looked down at her tenderly and smiled.
“Those are words I’ve longed to hear. It’s about time you admit it. I’ve known it for a while now.” He leaned down and playfully flicked bubbles at her, “Relax, I’ll be back.”
She grabbed his arm before he straightened up and with her other hand she scooped up some bubbles and wiped it on his face. They both laughed. When he was with her he felt like a kid again.
“Enough playing,” he told her and continued, “at least for now. I have work to do.”
He walked back downstairs with a huge grin on his face. He felt on top of the world, giddy like a child. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have found love again. She finally said those magic words, ones he didn’t take lightly and he vowed she would never come to regret them.
Felice did just as he instructed. As she lay there, she remembered she needed to ask Darryl about the vase. Just as quickly as the thought formed in her mind however, it was gone.
The bath felt wonderful. She definitely needed this. She hadn’t realized until lately how hard it was being a single parent. As much as Darryl tried to help—and he always did—the burden fell on her to take care of her daughter. An absent father really put a strain on her. Then there were Darryl’s children, who were wonderful, but it was hard to keep up with them while trying to care for her little girl. She didn’t mind. She loved Rita and Darryl’s children as if they were her own. Somehow, she felt her friend knew she assumed her position in Darryl’s life, in the children’s lives and in their home. Felice knew Rita would be happy knowing her family was being taken care of.
At the same time, she realized she could never replace Rita in Darryl or the children’s minds and hearts, nor did she want to. Rita was everything to her family. They loved her and she them, but with Rita gone, Felice now felt responsible. Actually, she knew it was more love than responsibility.
Finally, Felice was at peace, her life was finally coming together. Maybe Pavel did her a favor when he left her to raise their child alone. If he hadn’t, she would not be with Darryl now. She felt as if she belonged with Darryl, but it took Rita’s death for it to happen. That was the part that saddened Felice.
She was so relaxed that she was almost falling asleep in the tub when Darryl came in.
He held a towel out for her and said, “Dinner’s ready.”
She slipped out of the tub. Darryl wrapped her with the towel and then pulled her to his chest. He held her tight for a moment, stepped back out of the embrace, then leaned down and kissed her.
Felice forgot everything. The towel slipped from her and she stood naked before Darryl, lost in his kiss. She fervently kissed him back and felt the desire flooding her entire body.
He moved back from her, fully intending to stop the desire that was rapidly mounting in him. He stood there and looked at her beautiful body. From the tips of her toes to the hair on her head, she was a picture of absolute splendor.
He reached out and barely touched her hardened nipple. She looked at him with need written in her eyes. She crossed the short distance between them and molded her body to his. His arms instinctively went around her. Leaning down, he kissed her again.
Running her fingers through his hair, she let out a soft moan of pleasure that only heightened his excitement. Feeling his arousal, she stooped down until she was on her knees, opened the zipper on his trousers and took him into her mouth. A grunt of gratification escaped his lips.
As hard as it was to squelch his desire for her, he pulled away, helped her to her feet and said, “Not yet, my dear. Get dressed and come downstairs.”
He had plans for her this evening. He wanted her to know just how much he loved her, even though, he admitted, being this close to her—naked or otherwise—was quite stimulating.
“You get me all heated up like that and then tell me to get dressed,” she pouted in fun.
“Sweetheart, in case you haven’t noticed, you are not the only one on fire. However, the best part is yet to come. You’ll need to eat to keep up your strength for what’s going to happen soon.”
“Happen? What’s going to happen?”
“You’ll see.”
“Not even a hint?”
“None,” he said, swatting her butt as she turned to walk into the bedroom. “Now, get dressed.”
Felice got dressed. She knew from everything he did so far, especially after seeing the dining table set so formally, that he intended a romantic night. She chose her clothing carefully.
Standing in front of the mirror, she couldn’t help but think Darryl would indeed be pleased. The dusty mauve and sage green flowered print in the long flowing skirt made her seem ethereal, almost fragile.
As she walked down the stairs, Darryl was there to greet her. He let out a low whistle of admiration.
“You approve?”
“Approve? Absolutely. You are stunning.”
Darryl dressed in evening attire, complete with a suit she hadn’t seen before.
“You look very dashing yourself, Mr. Thornton. New suit?”
“Yes, you noticed. I bought it just for tonight.”
“I feel rather special.”
He took her hand and led her into the dining room, saying, “As you should. You are special, Ms. Bellicini.”
He showed her to a seat at the table and pulled the chair out for her. Pouring her another glass of champagne, he smiled down at her. She could see the love he held for her reflected in his eyes.
He disappeared into the kitchen and quickly returned with a tray. He set a covered dish before her, set one at his place and then took the covers off revealing cold water lobster tails, filet mignon and steamed vegetables.
“Darryl,” she exclaimed, “how wonderful. You are so good to me.”
“Not any more than you deserve.”
He sat down at the table next to her. During the meal, they chatted about his day and hers. Felice knew him well enough to realize that his idle chatter was out of nervousness. It made her wonder what was next.
Once they finished eating, she got up to help with the dishes, but he stopped her.
“This is your night. I don’t need any help with the dishes, but thank you for offering. Please, go into the living room and I’ll be right in.”
She did as he asked, still wondering why he was acting so nervous. She settled down on the couch and let herself relax again.
Darryl joined her, bringing with him yet another tray.
“Dessert,” he announced, walking into the room.
He set the tray down on the coffee table in front of Felice. He handed her a dessert plate and stood in front of her.
Felice took the cover off of her plate to reveal a small wrapped box.
“Darryl, you shouldn’t have, especially after all of this,” she said, waving her hand in the air to indicate what she meant.
“Open it,” he urged her.
She took the wrapping off of the box and opened it. There sat a diamond in the shape of a heart, encircled by smaller diamonds and baguettes on both sides.
Gasping, she said, “Oh, Darryl.”
He knelt down on one knee and took her hand in his.
“Heart shaped because you have my heart. I hope you will wear it. Felice, you have made me so happy. You brought me back to life again after Rita died. For a while I knew nothing but despair and anguish. You’ve given me back my life, made it better. I fell in love with you. I know you and I are meant to be together, along with Glenn, Gabriella and Rita Grace. I want us all to be a real family. Felice Bellicini, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”
Throughout his speech, she quietly cried. Smiling through her tears, she knew there was only one answer.
Looking at him, she said, “Darryl, you have become a very important part of my life and so have Glenn and Gabriella. You have accepted Rita Grace as your own and have shown her the same love as you do Glenn and Gabriella. You have no idea what that means to me. You have made my life whole. Because of all that’s happened in my life, I didn’t think I could love again. As a matter of fact, you made me see the difference of loving someone and being in love with that person and I happen to be in love with you. Yes, Darryl, my love, I would be honored to marry you.”
He kissed her then, tasting the salt from her tears. Suddenly, he broke away from her, ran out of the living room and threw open the front door.
“Yes! I love you Felice,” he screamed into the night air. “Hey, everyone! Felice said yes!”
She ran to join him at the door and laughing, yelled, “I love you, Darryl. We’re getting married!”
Like two children, they started laughing and hugging one another.
He shut the door, pulled her into his arms and told her, “You have made me the happiest man alive.” Leaning down and seductively speaking just above a whisper into her ear, he continued, “After that teasing earlier, the most excited too. It’s high time I give you what I’ve made you wait for all night.”
Picking her up easily in his arms, he carried her up the stairs. He set her down and started kissing her, his tongue eagerly exploring her mouth. Desire was building once again.
She took off his tie and threw it down the stairs. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt, stopping after each button to kiss his chest and stomach. Before she could go any further, he removed her blouse. While kissing her neck and the area behind her ear lobes, he massaged her breasts on the outside of her bra.
Backing away from him, she kicked off her high heels and let her skirt fall to the floor. She stood before him wearing only her bra and panties, the cream color of her undergarments were pale against her dark skin, seeming only to enhance her figure.
He took her into his arms again and unhooked her bra. Her breasts now touched the warmth of his chest and she melted into him. She took his hand and guided him into the bedroom, leaving their clothing scattered about on the hallway floor.
In the bedroom, he pushed her gently up against the wall. She could feel his desire for her as he leaned his body into hers. She slipped her hand between them and undid his belt and then his pants. He removed his pants the rest of the way, picked her up and leaned her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around him as he entered her.
She let out a moan of ecstasy as he pushed deeper inside her. He pulled out of her, and with her legs still wrapped around him, he guided them towards the bed and gently laid her down. He kissed the inside of her thighs and she quivered. He moved up and brought her breast into his mouth, while gently kneading the other.
“I love you,” he whispered.
“Kiss me,” she pleaded, “everywhere.”

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