Friday, August 31, 2012

Being Spammed

Recently, I went on Shelfari to update my bio. In doing so, Shelfari proceeded to send to all of my friends on Facebook invitations. Not just one invitation, mind you, but COUNTLESS to EACH friend. I didn't ask for this to happen and have since apologized profusely, explained and researched and gave instructions on how to delete the posts. I then deleted my Shelfari account and the Shelfari app on Facebook. Yet, I am still being un-friended and blocked by my friends on Facebook.

This blog is warn users of Shelfari. I don't know what is happening on that site, but it isn't good. I've heard it's happened from other sites before and it is ridiculous and has made me appear as a spammer. I assure you, I am not.

This is also a last ditch effort at explaining. In no way, did I ask Shelfari to send COUNTLESS invitations to each of (or to any of, for that matter) my Facebook friends.

I would like to hear from you out there - has this happened to you? No matter the program, I and my readers would benefit from knowing which to avoid. Please comment.

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