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Guest Blogger Joe Perrone, Jr.

This week, please help me welcome guest blogger, Joe Perrone, Jr. You will find some information about him and his work and he has graced us with a short interview.

Joe worked as a sportswriter for the Passaic-Clifton, NJ, Herald News, as well as a freelance advertising copywriter. He is perhaps best known for his Matt Davis Mystery Series, which includes "As the Twig is Bent" (the first in the series), "Opening Day," and "Twice Bitten" (the most recent in the series). Joe's first novel, "Escaping Innocence (A Story of Awakening)," was published in 2008 and is an evocative coming-of-age novel set in the turbulent '60s. In addition to his four novels, Joe has authored two non-fiction works, "A “Real” Man's Guide to Divorce (First, you bend over and...)," published in 2009 and "Gone Fishin' with Kids (How to Take Your Kid Fishing and Still be Friends)," co-authored with Manny Luftglass, and published in 1997.

He was a professional fly-fishing guide for ten years in the Catskill Mountains of New York, and has had several fly-fishing short stories published in the Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide. Both "Opening Day" and "Twice Bitten" are actually set in Roscoe, NY, the small Upstate New York fishing village where Joe was a guide. A fourth Matt Davis Mystery, "Broken Promises," is scheduled for publication in early 2013.

"Opening Day" was recently awarded an Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion, and in 2011, "As The Twig Is Bent" was translated into Portuguese as Pau que nasce torto by Rafa Lombardino of Word Awareness, Inc. of Santee, CA. Plans are underway to translate "Opening Day" and "Twice Bitten" in the very near future. At present, Joe is also writing a literary novel, entitled "Changes," which examines the life of a man who is struck by lightning and the resulting conflicts he must resolve within his circle of family and friends. A release date for this novel will be announced late in 2013.All of Joe's books are available in paperback or in Kindle editions on

Joe signed a three-year contract in 2011 with Interpill Media of Hamburg, Germany, a literary agency that plans to represent his books to German language publishers throughout Germany.

Joe lives in Western North Carolina with his wife, Becky, and the couple's two cats, Callie and Cassie. The author enjoys hearing from his readers, and can be reached with comment and questions via email at: or by visiting his website at

Here's what Joe has to share with us:

Starr Gardinier Reina (SGR): Beside writing, do you have a day job? What is it and how do you incorporate that into your writing?

Joe Perrone, Jr. (JP): My only "job" is writing (and assisting other authors in the publishing of their books). I feel very fortunate to be able to actually make a living doing what I love to do: writing. Also, l plan on starting my own publishing company sometime in the next year.

SGR: You indicated that your 2nd Matt David Mystery, "Opening Day" received an Indie B.R.A.G. medallion. For those readers who are unfamiliary with this award, can you explain the importance of winning this?

JP: The B.R.A.G. stands for Book Readers Appreciation Group, and its aim is to single out and identify the exceptional self-published (Indie) books from among the enormous quantity of not-so-exceptional ones. For the older readers out there, receiving an Indie B.R.A.G. medallion is akin to a product receiving the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. I am tremendously honored and appreciative to have received the medallion for "Opening Day."

SGR: Tell the readers something about you that we can't find on your blog or website.

JP: I am the proud father of two sons, Dave (39) and Matt (35), a stepson, Jared (37), and a stepdaughter, Lauren (41). I love to fly fish for trout. I also love to cook and to eat. And one of my favorite TV shows is Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Cooking Channel.

SGR: In one paragraph or less, without giving too much away, explain to us the premise of your newest release.

JP: My latest release is "Twice Bitten," the third in the Matt Davis Mystery Series. The book is set in the small, Upstate New York town of Roscoe, and begins with the discovery of the body of a suspected Meth dealer by a fisherman in a parking area adjacent to a trout stream. All indications are that the victim was murdered, but when the autopsy results are revealed, the method is not at all what is expected. There are numerous suspects, including a Pentecostal preacher and his wife, whose stock in trade is the handling of venomous snakes.

SGR: What's next on your writing list? Are you currently penning this or is this in the 'thinking' stage?

JP: I am currently at work on my fourth Matt Davis Mystery, entitled "Broken Promises," which like "Opening Day" and "Twice Bitten" is also set in Roscoe. I expect to publish it in early 2013. Also, I am writing a literary novel, "Changes," which examines the life of a man struck by lightning, and the resulting conflicts in the relationships within his circle of family and friends, particularly that with his married daughter. It will be a voyage of discovery for father and daughter.

There you have it: a little of Joe Perrone, Jr. Thank you, Joe for taking the time to speak with us. To find more about him, visit His books can be bought at

If you are a published author and would like to be featured, please email me at and make sure you put 'interview me' in the subject line so I don't miss it.

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