Monday, July 9, 2012

Featuring Writer Mellanie Crouell

This week, I'd like to introduce you to Mellanie Crouell, poet and full-time mom, who took the time to speak to us.
             As a little girl growing up in Eastern North Carolina, I was very shy and quiet. I came from a religious, strong moral value family. From my family I was given my first talent, which was singing and life gave me an unexpected turn. This turn gave birth to poetry, which later another author let me know I had a gift. She made it known that I need to use it. When those words hit my ears, I was shocked. I continued to write, but I let it lay dormant. Life gave me another turn. I had an eye opening experience, I went forth on this new journey. In February 2007, “Internal, External of Life” was introduced to the world. “Internal, External of Life” was poems I wrote from my life experiences. My goal is to share my experiences to help someone else conquer their situation. Even though the majority of my works are children’s books, they touch the young and old.

               I live in New Bern, North Carolina with my daughter.  I am working on writing first my novel as well several other projects.

I've asked her a few questions, and here's what she had to say:

Starr Gardinier Reina (SGR): Tell our readers a little about Mellanie's personal life (what do you do for fun, etc).
Mellanie Crouell (MC): I like to do a lot of things for fun. I spend time with my daughter; if its a movie, Chucky Cheese or shopping, listening to jazz or any type of music, reading, volunteer work in the community, and hanging out with my friends and family.
SGR: Your latest release is "What do you See?". This has been re-released. When was it originally released and why are you re-releasing it now?
MC: The original release date was July 5, 2011. During that time I come to realize something happened that I didn't see until "What Do You See" was released. Now that it's taken care of, "What Do You See" is here!
SGR: What was the one thing that propelled you into writing? Explain it.
MC: There were several things took place in my life that caused this writing to blossom like it has. First, being a teenager who was very shy, I used my poetry to express my emotions. Next, I got married. The marriage wasn't good for me or to me. During that process, I was wondering if this is a real gift. I asked a successful author by the name of Kimberly P. Johnson to take a look at my poetry. One day she was in the area doing a workshop. She came to my classroom. She told me to use my gift. The seed was watered. Then I was given the most precious gift, my daughter. Between her and God I continue to push toward my goal.
SGR: Where do you see yourself (literary-wise) in five years? Ten years?
MC: I see myself in five years: I would like to be teaching at a college or high school. I will be doing more public speaking engagements. In ten years: on the best sellers list.

SGR: If you could change one thing about your writing career, what would it be? Other than the success of.

MC: One thing I could change about my writing career is that I wish I noticed my gift for writing earlier in my life instead of a hobby.

There you have it. We hope to see Mellanie on the best seller's list before the 10 year mark. You can find out more about her at or visit her blog at She also accepts emails at writer.poet,

QueenWriter News wishes you the best in all of your future endeavors, Mellanie.

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