Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Being a Guppie

A person said something to me yesterday that really made me stand up and pay attention. He said that we as authors are but guppies in an ocean and the only way to be like the big fish is to grow. In order to grow, we have to eat. To me, that meant marketing, getting our names out there. That may mean something else entirely to you.

Let me interrupt my own rantings here for a moment. This does not only apply to writers but also to almost any profession. With that in mind, I am opening this discussion up to everyone. I would love to see comments. What are your thoughts?

With respect to being a guppie, if you look at it the way it was described, you could end up being a great whale. It's all in how you first, perceive yourself, and second, what you do about your menu choices. Eat, he said. So, let's eat, shall we? Perception: do you see yourself as that guppie? Do you want to grow? If you cannot picture yourself as the next great whale, chances are, you will stay that guppie. But if you have aspirations of success, that great whale is well within your reach.

Now that you've answered the self-debate of guppie v. great whale, and if you envision yourself the latter, let's see what we can do about fattening you up. Eating: as we all know, marketing is a critical tool in advancement. And we are all also aware of the many social networks we have available to us. But it doesn't have to stop there. There are many people and organizations out there ready, willing and able to assist in blogging about you (I'm one! I do newsletters highlighting and interviewing individuals. I'll talk about that later.) And not just blogging. There are radio show opportunities galore. You just have to look.

I am probably the last person who should talk on the subject of marketing as I am just getting into the groove myself. However, I am and isn't that what matters? We all have to start somewhere. As to my own self-debate, guppie or great whale? I want to be the great whale. I see it and I'm going for it.

Again, please, I encourage everyone to comment here. Let's open this up to a lively discussion. Think of it as one of those marketing avenues I mentioned. Your name . . . cyberspace . . . blog . . .

I mentioned my newsletter. I do one right here on my blog. Actually, I was doing it via another company, but am moving it here. Any published author out there looking to be a great whale? I'm getting ready to throw out some words in an e-letter and am looking for authors. Please email me separately at sreina@queenwriter.com if you are interested. Please put in the subject line: Newsletter Highlight. Otherwise, it may be passed over. I will then let you know what is needed from you. I am eagerly anticipating your comments here on my blog.

Let's hear it for the GREAT WHALES!


Anonymous said...

I have to say, I want to be a great whale. Marketing has turned out to be lots of fun, but the problem I have is finding enough time to hit every avenue. So I've chosen to pick the most popular avenues as well a the ones most traveled. It has paid off a lot for me recently and I couldn't be happier. Another great way is to give your books away. It's a small price to pay when looking to get your name out ther and recognized. When they read you once and like you, they'll be back. I'm still a guppy in an ocean, but I'm also eating. Remember, Godzilla wasn't born THAT big, he ate too. Yummy!!

Terri Ann Armstrong

Starr Reina said...

Great comments and suggestions. As your point is made, marketing cannot be done in one day. Instead, it's something that should be on a daily calendar until the end of time, unless guppie is good enough.

Thank you, Terri, for your thoughts.

Anyone else?

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