Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 Reasons Why I Love Writing

There are more than three reasons why I love writing. The written word can be spellbinding. However, I'm going to highlight just three points here.

1. Creative Outlet

My mind, like many of yours I'm sure, works overtime. I spot something simple we see everyday and it sparks an idea. Writing is my way of expression. I write fiction because I can't be bound by truth. That's not to say I don't try and be realistic. After all, characters do have to be beleivable as situations they may be in. It's fun to take an aspect of someone I know and tweek it, add to it and create a believable fictional character who gets into scrapes (and out of them), falls in love, blows someone up, gets shot at or whatever my creative mind comes up with. We are limited only by our own imagination.

2. Escape

My world is pretty humdrum. I go to work, I come home, write, feed the dogs and family, write and work some more.The next day, I start the same process all over again. My week continues from there. I enjoy my job and yes, as you know, LOVE my writing. I can't complain about my life because it is a good one, but I just don't have the freedom that someone who is nonexistent has. I do go out and have fun, but not like my characters do. My means of escape is to write someone more interesting that I am. They are allowed to do things I am not. Well, let's just say I'd be put in a mental institution if I did half the things my characters do! Particularly Teresa. Can you imagine me doing half of things that woman has gotten away with?

3. Intellect

Writing, using the creative mind, can enhance intellect. Even if writing fiction, you must have some factual basis to situations and/or characters. In order to be realistic, it's best to do your research. This allows you to learn something you did not know before. For example, in my next book (and I'm giving something away here, so pay attention!) the primary location is going to be jail. I don't know very much about them as I'd (thank god!) never been in one. So, I have been researching and have found a slew of great information. My intellectual stimulus. It gets my brain going. They say we should always keep not only physically active but mentally as well. I think I do more of the latter!

Like I said, there are really several reasons I love to put pen to paper. I welcome any and all comments. Why do you write?

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