Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review of "Dead Calm"

“Dead Calm” Edited by Mark Ammons, Barbara Ross, Katherine Fast and Leslie Wheeler:

This is an anthology of some terrific short stories by various authors. While there are too many to name them all, I did have my favorites.

In Coronation by Adam Renn Oleen, an unnamed writer interviewed Stephen, another author. He wanted to know how Stephen could write about monsters as well as he did. Being told it’s best to write what you know, he posed this question to Stephen. The answer was in a box that Stephen gifted to him. That is when he fully realized how Stephen could write with such clarity. Great story.
Cold Blooded Killer by Tom Sweeney was another well told tale. It’s execution day and the ‘killer’ of the story will live on to do it again.

My favorite is Death by Deletion by C.A. Johmann. I believe all writers will be able to relate with this story. To quote just a part: “Click. Edit.” A must read.

In summary, this collection holds some great anecdotes and I recommend you add this to your reading library this year.

Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of “Deadly Decisions”

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